What I Provide

June 09, 2016

This is the second exercise in Seth Godin’s Freelance course, follow on from Who Am I?

In this post I’ll answer questions around what I provide.

What do people buy when they buy something from you?

I bring two decades of web design and development experience, an inquisitive mind and an understanding of how the various pieces of the web puzzle fit together. My main focus is on front-end development. This means using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create fast-loading, good looking web pages and apps.

I also consider the user experience, having worked in design. It’s important to take into account the gotchas and issues that might cause trouble for users. I also care deeply for creating fluid, pleasant interfaces that move and animate when necessary, resulting in a considered, high quality result.

Leave out the easy, repetitive, generic stuff … What you are doing that’s difficult?

Converting an idea into a real piece of web software is difficult enough but making your website or application stand out is even harder. It requires both technical skill and an understanding of how people think.

On the technical side, knowledge of HTML and CSS is a start. But the various ways browsers behave, responsive design, image optimisation, and JavaScript issues, are knowledge that I’ve accrued over many projects and hard won. Making sure a site looks great, while also not being bogged down by too many scripts, server requests and images is a challenge I enjoy.

Delving into JavaScript is also a difficult but rewarding task. The language has it’s issues but it’s the language of the web and essential for developing apps. I’ve spent most of this year going deep into JavaScript, building a large NodeJS project and completing several JavaScript courses. Along with SVG for scalable graphics, these technologies can be used to create amazing results.

My career grew around the introduction of CSS, and I’m particularly fond of using it to create animations and dynamic layouts that work across devices of all shapes and sizes, from phones, laptops, monitors and even TVs.

10 Things I can deliver

Web projects are complicated and uncertain. I deliver:

  • An interested and open mind to work with you to solve the problems you face
  • Help deciding what matters - to your customers and your bottom line
  • Experience and insight in building awesome online websites and apps
  • Ideas and thoughts on how to really understand your customers
  • Confidence in the performance of your product
  • A product that meets your goals by helping your customers
  • A product that commands respect by being professionally built and delivered
  • The confidence to know you can ship your product on time
  • The security of knowing your site meets modern standards
  • Technical knowledge, story telling and visual impact